Proindusca was established in 1988, and is the result of the merging of three small contracting companies, but they were big companies as far as their reputations in works of consulting, maintenance, construction and installation of brewing companies, bottling and packing companies, manufacturers of chemical products such as paints, oils, fertilizers, detergents, etc.

At the moment, Proindusca has a directive and management assembly of recognized individual trajectories, with more than 20 years of professional and technical experience. Furthermore, Proindusca maintains a professional and specialized staff that allows us to cover, simultaneously, with an ample sector of qualified services, many industrial areas from our offices located in Venezuela (Caracas, Valencia, Barquisimeto, y Barcelona), in the United States of America (Miami, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida), and the Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo).

Our Vision
To become the most recognized company in Venezuela, Central America, and the Caribbean, in services related with electro-mechanical installations for the bottling industry, brewing and food packing companies. We wish to be seen as partners of our clients in their necessities of installation and maintenance, with the best utilization of time and costs.

Our Mission
To offer our electro-mechanical services to satisfy the factual and implicit necessities of our internal and external clientele. To resolve these necessities, our employees have the authority and know-how to assure that the quality of our service is our top priority. We have innovative solutions to problems that prevent the efficient operation of their activities, using IS09000 as a springboard to obtain constant improvement and the optimal quality.

Policy of Quality
We, at Proindusca, are obligated to render the best service to the developing of projects of engineering, maintenance, and industrial installations, at the national and international level, with the awareness of the requirements of our clients, and backed by our Quality Systems Control, which promotes the continuous improvement of our people and our methods, guaranteeing therefore the prosperity, the future, and the importance of our company.

Central Values
Integrity and ethics in our business.
We have professionals who strive for the highest level of specialization in their fields. They are the backbone of our strength. Individuals with initiative and confidence in themselves.
To solve the problems of our clients, and above all, to fulfill our obligations with them beyond their expectations.
To always raise the prestige of our company and that of our country, so that our employees realize and feel they are part of something very special, something of excellent reputation.
To adopt the international rules of quality as the springboard for our continuous improvement.