The following is one of the areas in our organization that has grown tremendously: the installation and maintenance of industrial machinery.

At the present time there are many industrialists that receive significant benefits from the strategies created and implemented by our technical and professional team. We have established maintenance operations such as reconstructions of bottling and packing equipment, either in their factories or in our own workshops. as well as the procurement of spare parts and management of materials, adapting the machinery with the newest technological innovations, in order to obtain the maximum benefit and productivity.

With this service,
Proindusca also advises and help our clients in the solution of operational problems, and we also make available to them the technology for the best use of the existing machines and equipment in the production lines. Some team has years of experience in the installation and
maintenance of washing machines for boxes and bottles, milk processors, pallet stretch wrappers and pallet stretch un-wrappers, packing machines, conveyor belts, transports, fillers, and containers and tanks of storage.