Proindusca, offers with these services, consulting of technical audits and of mechanical processes, by means of studies and evaluations of layouts, flow charts, and plans of assembly.

We also offer services of Pure Engineering, which allows us to transform and develop the requirements of our clients, from their basic ideas through the details of production and installation. This service includes the creation and delivery of blueprints, reports, and technical support. We offer to our clientele the following services:

Plant layouts
Design of equipment and machinery (conveyers, pallet stretch wrappers & unwrappers, lowerators, turntables, etc)
Re-engineering, conversion and technological actualization of machinery
Thermal calculations of pipe
Hydraulic systems

To carry out our work, we have the most modern tools and computerized equipment (Autocad-Mechanical Desktop)

As far as training and development, Proindusca, aware of the importance of their employees, designs programs of training and learning in the area of bottling procedures, and this training and learning is available to our national and international clientele.

Thus, not only our technical personnel but also our client's employees benefit of the innovations and are better prepared to apply the most recent advancements developed world-wide in our business.