Allow us to introduce to you Proindusca, a company formed by professionals and technicians dedicated to structure, plan, and execute technological solutions for the industrial sector, with our guarantee of high quality service, adapted to the characteristics and needs of all and each one of our customers.

We are an organization that aims all its efforts towards the consolidation of a common objective: the development of a technology made in Venezuela, guaranteed by a series of methods that fulfill the process to obtain Total Quality.

This stamp of guarantee goes with our products and services that we offer to brewing companies, bottling companies, and packing and bottling of foods in general, among others. Our products also include the manufacture, locally, of transportation equipment, washers of bottles, pallet stretch wrappers and unwrappers, volume fillers, and other industrial equipment. Nowadays, companies of this nature have the challenge to install and maintain their equipment in perfect condition in order to obtain the maximum possible productivity. To confront this challenge,
Proindusca is the most complete and clear alternative to obtain the greatest benefit of your investment, complemented by the best of services.

Our organization offers you:
High Technology
Professional Capacity
Our management team is always willing and able to give you personalized attention